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Rolling Thunder (1986) - Exploiting a glitch in Areas 5 and 10


Hi, it's your friendly neighbourhood, Lounge Knight, here! There's no doubt that Rolling Thunder, the classic 1986 run and gun arcade game by Namco is hard. Darn hard. So we need to find an edge wherever we can find it in order to win. And Areas 5 and 10 (coincidentally the hardest areas in their respective stories) provides us with such an edge in the form of a glitch/exploit. And how we take advantage of it? Read on to find out.


Near the end of the level is a column of stacked red crates. Walk right up against it, like this:

Then jump onto the balcony:

Take a tiny step forward:

Then jump back down to the ground floor:

Take small jump and towards the stack of red crates and look what happens:

From there, simply jump forwards:

Then keep moving:

You'll glitch and be invulnerable against the Geldra agents, so you won't die. You'll also walk behind the giant screen and console. Simply keep moving to the end of the level with your newfound invulnerability. Nothing will stand in your way!


The process for exploiting the glitch in Story 2 Area 10 is exactly the same as shown above, so no need to go over it again (and if you really want to, you can check out the accompanying YouTube video linked here). You are still invulnerable to all the Geldra agents with the exception of the final boss, Maboo, so you'll still have to kill him unfortunately, But hey, we've already saved ourselves a load of work just by engaging this little exploit, so there's that 😀

Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed this short article, and that you found the guidance useful. I'll be back with more Rolling Thunder content soon.

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