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Games Journal 23/11/2021

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Hi, it's your friendly neighbourhood Lounge Knight here! Just a quick catch-up on what's been going on here at "Travels through gaming". Yesterday I published an article comparing the different versions of the arcade game, Mikie, developed and released by Konami in 1984. It's called "Showcase Reel - Mikie (1984)" and it's the most detailed article I've written so far. The experience has inspired me to re-write my two previous articles dealing with the different versions of Toki (1989) and Rolling Thunder (1986) respectively.

Recently as well I finished playing The Battle of Olympus on NES, which I thought was a very good game. Using material recorded during the playthrough, I put together a Boss Reel video and uploaded it to my YouTube channel. I also wrote both a Boss Guide article and an actual review here on the website as well. So I can now say that I'm well and truly done with that game. I had been wanting to finish it well before I did, but kept getting distracted by Castlevania: Bloodlines. What a good distraction that was too, hehehe...

Next I am planning on (finally) starting Ys Origin on the Switch. I meant to get on to it way before now, but got distracted with the Mikie comparison article. Can you spot a pattern here? Anyway, I'll definitely start it at some point this week. In between, I'll try and squeeze another comparison video or article. That's it for now. Speak soon.

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